26 May 2010


I am in Verona, safe and sound, and it is great! Our flight was long and uncomfortable, but we all got here without any probs. Federica, our wonderful local arrangements person, spent the day with us, getting the students oriented (and keeping them awake). We all had dinner at a cafe on the Piazza Bra--a big city center area w/many cafes and a Roman coliseum in the middle. Lots of fun. Today, I got up early, went to a cafe across the street for cappucino and brioche, then went grocery shopping. All morning, orientation, then we went rafting on the River Adige, which flows through the center of the city. We went under twelve bridges, some fun rapids, and spend about three hours basking in the glorious Italian sunshine. Afterwards, Federica and I went to a wine bar and had spritzes--Aperol and prosecco, I think. A perfect way to end a perfect day. Tomorrow, the work starts. Classes begin, and I have an Italian class from 4-6 as well. This is a wonderful life. My apartment is lovely. Wish you were here to see it all. You would love it!

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