29 May 2010

Il Vicolo

Today is a rainy Saturday--I started the day at the public market at the Stadio, where I bought assorted cheeses (Stracciata, Gorgonzola, ricotta, and Asiago Pressato). Also a bag of apricots (local) and some fresh organic asparagus. We beat the rain home and I've been puttering ever since.

 Here are some pictures of Il Vicolo, the house where we are all living (me and six female students). I have a kitchen/livingroom and a bedroom, all well furnished and very comfy. My kitchen has a *red* refrigerator--very flashy. I love it! My living space is large enough to hold my class in, which works quite well. I have a projector, computer, and wireless internet access. What more could I need? It also makes it possible not only to teach about foodways, but to allow the students to experience tastes of those foodways. This will be fun for all.

Last night, we all went out for dinner to the Trattoria Isola, a local restaurant that I had found in the SlowFood guide and which I loved the last time I was here. It lived up to my memory of it. The food is all home cooked and local and delizia!!!! I had a primi of fettucine with salmon and a secondi of bacala with grilled polenta. The dolce was semifreddo amarato. All mouthwateringly good. Several of the students tried horse, yes horse, as in cavallo--a local specialty here in Verona. It was lots of fun!

More soon. Many adventures still to come.

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