29 May 2010

Dinner with Federica and Karen

The rain ended in time for me to meet Federica at the Cafe Casa Blanca for a spritz. Karen Hillson, the art historian from the NH Art Institute joined us and we all went out to dinner at the Antica Trattoria Pero d’Oro--the Golden Pear. Another delicious meal, this time (for me) fettucine with artichokes and Vitello Tonnato--which was awesome! Vitello Tonnato is cold sliced veal with a thin layer of mayonnaise sauce--flavored with tuna and capers. Molto delicato. Panna cotta with caramel sauce for dessert--the caramel sauce was dark dark dark, almost the color of chocolate, and fabulous! Cafe completo (with grappa) to finish us off. A delightful evening with delightful company. Buona notte.


caseyd said...

How, Susan, does one 'flavor' with tuna? Capers I get... but perhaps I am thinking too much of maguro get get what you're describing.

Red Maple said...

Hi Casey--the sauce is made with canned tuna, lemons, capers, in a mayonnaise sauce. Very smooth and velvety, so they must nuke it in a food processor (the tuna & mayo). If you google Vitello Tonnato, there are images, which should help. Sorry I didn't have a photo to post.