11 January 2010

New Love: Painting

Since the last time I posted, much much water has passed under the bridge. No way can I catch up, so I am just starting again from where I am at the moment. It is winter here in our neck of the woods and very very cold. We have been in the process of renovating both bathrooms since the beginning of November. Our upstairs bath was shaped sort of like home plate, but with more sides, and had a weird old bathtub that the former owner had drilled to put in an automatic tub stopper thingy--which did not work. Anyway, it had to go. But the main incentive for doing all of this was ice dams. Yes, Harvey spend many hours on the roof last winter fighting ice dams, which (for the uninitiated) occur when the roof is leaking warm air and melts the snow, which eventually refreezes and backs up under the shingles, causing leaks. Water dripping into the house is a problem. So, we decided to tear off the roof, insulate well, put on a new metal roof, and build a dormer to expand the existing upstairs bathroom. Since we were tearing things apart, we figured we would also do the downstairs bathroom at the same time (sequentially). Both needed work.

After a long period of chaos and angst over how much money this was costing, we are finally finished with bathroom #1 and it is beautiful! Big new bathtub, white tiles everywhere, fancy French pedestal sink, heated floor (my favorite part), decent lighting, a real medicine cabinet with mirrors, and a linen closet. Along the way, I have rediscovered my love of painting--walls, trim, and furniture. It's been years. I bought a console table at the unpainted furniture store in town and am in the process of painting it a pumpkiny color. But I am thinking that I would like to do some kind of decorative glazing over the orange (what this color really is). I am now looking for helpful suggestions about online sources. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I am hearing the name Jocasta Innes--a flash from the seventies, I think. Anyway, I just googled her and she is still around. So stay tuned for my adventures in decorative finishes.


pat said...

Graphic, images, photos please. If only we could visualize, at least the pedestal sink.

Pat Pauly

Red Maple said...

Lots of pictures posted on Facebook, including that pedestal sink (which has not diminished over time and use).