27 May 2010

Italian Class

Today we had our first Italian class, courtesy of Lingua.it. Lingua.it is an established language school with a branch in Verona. Their method is Italian-only from day one--and by the end of two hours, all six of us were able to "interview" a staff person from Lingua.it, asking her for her name, where she came from, where she lives, how she was feeling, and what she likes to do. Obviously a very successful method (and the teacher was excellent)!

Earlier in the day, I had my first meeting with my Mediterranean food class--six students, a cozy seminar. The classroom is lacking in a few basics (internet access), but certainly adequate and the problems will be resolved eventually. Although it had been a gorgeous day when we went into class, by the time we left, it was pouring rain. We darted from arcade to arcade, trying to stay dry, all the way to Piazza Erbe--where three of us ducked into a cafe for lunch. Pasta with pesto, basic, but delicious. I also managed to squeeze in a little grocery shopping today--dishwashing soap, a sponge, and other basics--so now am feeling quite settled. Tonight I am nesting, eating some fresh asiago with olives and a drizzle of olive oil. Just San Benedetto (so far) as accompaniment. Hoping to give a blog tutorial to some of the students later on--they all have to create blogs as part of the course, sharing their food explorations. I'll post links as they appear. More soon.

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Grammie Ford said...

Susan, I am so envious of you. I want to be your shadow!!!