25 April 2012

Couch to 5K Update

C25K update: it is now week 8 and I am still running with the program. This week's run was supposed to be 28 minutes (I did 2 runs of 25 and one of 30 minutes last week), but today, Chuck (our trainer) suggested that we try out the 5K course to see how it feels. I wasn't expecting this, but the 5K is coming right up on Sunday, so (gulp) great. And I did it!!!! I ran all the way. The hill on Pearl Street is our own little Heartbreak Hill (although much shorter), but I even slogged up that. I didn't time myself (no watch), but now I know that I can actually run 3.2 miles. To think that eight weeks ago, running for one minute seemed like a big deal. I can't praise this program enough. If it can get me running a 5K in eight weeks, it can do the same for you. Google 'couch to 5k' for details. If you decide to try it, download the "Get Running" app for your smartphone--it will really help. So wish me luck on Sunday, or even better, join me for the Falcon 5K, Fun Run, and Walk. For details, go to: http://www.falcon5k.org/.

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