28 July 2010

Our new staircase

Life at our house has been dominated this summer by the creation of a new staircase. For years we have been living with a staircase that had shaky railings, misaligned treads and risers, and no balusters to prevent dogs or children from disaster. Now, after several months of deep focus, Harvey has almost finished. Here are some pictures of the final product. We have balusters, railings, beauty, and fine craftmanship at last. The post caps are the most recent addition. He made them from a birdseye maple board that he salvaged from the old staircase (the top piece), and embellished them with trim from an old piece of black walnut that he found years ago in my sister's garage attic (the house had been owned by a woodworker and there was a lode of great wood).

This staircase makes me happy every time I walk up or down it--it is so solid underfoot. Next, paint. Stay tuned.

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this looks fantastic!!

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