01 June 2008

Photo Album

For those of you who want to see more pictures, there are lots posted here. I will continually update these photos, so check back again (and again). The glories of digital photography: unlimited photos.
Life in the Slow Lane


FisherMan said...

Hello Professor!,
What great pictures. I have not yet eaten today so I am salivating just by looking at the food. The countryside looks so inviting.
I am going to have my mother look at the pictures too, she will enjoy them.
We are having some great weather and it is predicted that it will be in the nineties this weekend.
I have been planting lots of flowers everywhere but my house. I have to divide my bleeding hearts because they are now a shrub overtaking the other flowers.
This week vegetables will be planted albeit a little late. The birds, squirrels and chipmunks are eyeballing the cherry trees and soon there will be a battle royal when they ripen. There is a red fox that usually runs the back ridge of my property line, but he came down to the driveway the other day and my wife, Nancy, was not to sure what to think about that. I have not seen many mice, moles or voles this Spring so I am guessing the garter snakes I saw in the garden last year have grown and are doing their job well.
I put out several terracotta pots in the flower garden (upside down) and already have several toads residing in them. One of them is so big I call him "Jabba" after the Star Wars character.
Enjoy the rest of your stay in Italy, I look forward to viewing more pictures.

Joana said...

The pics are awesome!!! I reminds me of all the fun we had!!! I really miss the food!!!!!!!